"Mr. Wallace is a good instructor. He incorporated real world examples of safety management. He also brought in physical samples (i.e., electrical cords, plugs, testers) that were relevant and interesting. The course will help me to more effectively manage my safety specialist and oversee the laboratory’s safety program."

—Jeff B.
U.S. Government Employee
[Last name and specific agency withheld at student's request.]

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Safety Consulting Services

confined space coverPermit Required Confined Spaces

  • Identify all confined spaces to ensure spaces are not accidentally entered by employees
  • Develop confined space entry procedures to reduce likelihood of employee injury
  • Develop rescue response procedures to assure injured employees are safely removed from confined spaces
  • See Permit-Required Confined Space course description

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Electrical Safety – NFPA 70E

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OSHA Compliance Courses

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  • Train employees in proper lockout steps to avoid injury
  • Develop equipment-specific lockout procedures to ensure equipment is properly deenergized
  • Ensure employee safety while utilizing alternative measures
  • Audit programs to enhance existing programs
  • See Lockout/Tagout course description

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NFPAPersonal Protective Equipment (PPE) Hazard Assessments

  • Identify potential hazards of job tasks performed by employees
  • Specify necessary PPE to safely perform work
  • Ensure OSHA compliance

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Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Star Application Assistance

  • Verify presence of VPP-required elements
  • Perform extensive employee interviews
  • Perform simulated OSHA inspections
  • Advise on corrective action to achieve VPP status

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OSHA Compliance Assistance

  • Perform simulated OSHA inspections to identify problem areas
  • Assist clients during OSHA inspections
  • Represent clients at OSHA informal conferences

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Additional Safety Consulting Services

  • Safety procedure review and development
  • Process Safety Management (PSM) program audits
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Technical research

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