"By far the best NFPA 70E class I have been a part of... I appreciate the open atmosphere and your positive and professional approach to this subject. I believe you opened some eyes yesterday. I look forward to meeting with you again in the future for further training."

Jack Ellis
Eisai Pharmaceutical

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Training Testimonials

We have taught over 1000 students in our OSHA compliance courses and have enhanced safety programs for over 100 clients.

Read what they've had to say...

"Jon, thanks for the outstanding training and total display of professionalism. The currently popular notion from the class is that everyone enjoyed this all day affair particularly those with the strong electrical background."
Frederick A. Williams, CHSP
Safety Manager
VA Medical Center

“We were very impressed with Jon Wallace as our electrical safety instructor. The information provided was well organized and thorough. Jon’s experience in the safety field brings a vast perspective to the material being taught, even beyond electrical safety. The training was specific to our needs and very well received by our staff”.
—Stephanie Perryman
Training Coordinator
Duke University Medical Center

“…Appreciate the Great job (10-Hour OSHA Construction) you did last week. Had all positive comments from techs (Field Service Technicians). You were very clear, concise and knowledgeable and were able to relate to our procedures. When we had a question you knew the answer immediately and followed-up with actual facts…”
— Randy Crownover
Field Service Supervisor – West
Containment Solutions

"Thanks again for presenting at our Fall Conference (American Industrial Hygiene Association - Carolinas Section) last week. I tabulated all the evaluations and your flammable liquids talk was very highly rated. It's because of presentations like yours that we have such successful and well attended conferences."
—Kevin Cosgrove
Vice President
Carolinas AIHA

"I just wanted to thank you for a great class (Safety Inspections and Auditing) and a rewarding experience with you and my class-mates."
—Frederick Williams
Safety Manager, Veterans Affairs
Fayetteville, NC

"The real life safety information was understandable, value added and applicable. The instructor's (W. Jon Wallace) knowledge is evident, not only of regulations, but also the 'practical why factor' that comes from tactical boots on the ground experience."
—Mike White
Director of Quality
Airtex Products, LP

"I attended your recent Confined Space training class at the Mitchell Water Treatment plant here in Greensboro. I thoroughly enjoyed your class, and got a lot out of it! Your training style, proper break scheduling, and class involvement, along with the hands on portion, provided us with a well rounded enjoyable training class. Thank-you!"
—Walter J. Kling, Process Control Specialist
T.Z. Osborne Facility
Department of Water Resources
City of Greensboro

"Thank you for your presentation yesterday. You had as many compliments as I have ever heard after one of these sessions. The group at my table had more conversation about safety than any other topic. Obviously you made quite an impression. Again, thank you on behalf of myself and the Southern Textile Association."
—Todd Wemyss
North Carolina Division Chairman
Southern Textile Association

"...I received outstanding feedback on your performance. Many thanks for all of your efforts and I trust we will be able to arrange some further training in the future."
—Garnett Davis
DNV Business Assurance US

"Awesome instructor (W. Jon Wallace)! Best I've seen with knowledge of OSHA standards!
 —Sally Siemak
EQ Services

"Extraordinary knowledge (W. Jon Wallace)."
—Michael Itzkevitch
DNV Business Assurance U.S.

"In all my years at work and training, this (Complying with OSHA 30 Hour) was the best and most informative I've ever had."
—Brian Costello
Dow Electronic Materials

"By far the best NFPA 70E class I have been a part of... I appreciate the open atmosphere and your positive and professional approach to this subject. I believe you opened some eyes yesterday. I look forward to meeting with you again in the future for further training."
—Jack Ellis
Eisai Pharmaceutical

Excellent class (Complying with OSHA – 30 hour)! Quadrupled my awareness of the subject area.”
 —Raymond Moonsammy
Siemens Medical Devices

“Thank you so much for taking the time to join our OPEN/Net panel. Your contribution was both informative and interesting. You did a fantastic job!”
—Amanda Hubbard, Producer
State of North Carolina Department of Administration
Agency for Public Telecommunications

"…I was fortunate enough to attend the Safety Inspections and Auditing Class. Jon Wallace, the instructor, was very qualified and skillful in presenting this course. I highly recommend without reservation this seminar to anyone seeking a better understanding/process of safety inspections and auditing within their industry."
—Mary O. Boggs, IH Technician
Jefferson Laboratory

"When our organization needed an expert to lead us through NFPA70E implementation, I called Jon Wallace for help. His knowledge and ability to translate that knowledge into action to all levels within my organization was invaluable. He helped me make the complicated - "simple". He also was an asset as far as answering technical related questions that arose during the process. I can now say that all my electrical technicians are much more aware of electrical hazards and are protected against arc flash/blast. I highly recommend Jon to aid you in both your NFPA70E implementation as well as all your safety needs."
—Charles A. Walser, Corporate HR, Compensation, and Safety & Health
Unifi Manufacturing, Inc. 

“We looked for the best NFPA 70E instructor and found him – W. Jon Wallace – with Workplace Group.”
 —John Capers, Safety Officer
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"I would like to thank you (W. Jon Wallace) again for a great experience in the NFPA 70E seminar Friday… You did a great job and we will recommend your course to others."

"Great course (30-Hour Complying with OSHA). Jon (W. Jon Wallace) was very well prepared and knowledgeable.”
—Mark Williams

"Very interactive and engaging course (30-Hour Complying with OSHA). Excellent examples and application to my current facility operations…”
—Tom Coggin
Altivity Packaging

"I just want to say thank you (W. Jon Wallace) for meeting with the students about Occupational Safety. They enjoyed the class and learned a lot. I always appreciate your taking the time out of your busy schedule to meet with them. The evals were excellent!"
—Bonnie Rogers, DrPH, COHN-S, LNCC, FAAN
NC Occupational Safety and Health Education and Research Center

Letter of thanks from American Meat Institute Foundation 2007 Conference on Worker Safety, Health and Human Resources in Denver, CO

"Made what could be a dry subject (10-Hour Complying with OSHA) very interesting – well paced.”
—Doug Brown
Freybe Gourmet Foods Ltd

“Excellent class (30-Hour Complying with OSHA).”
—Dave Wheeler
CHS Refining

“All the information in the class was informative…Great class!” (10-Hour Complying with OSHA)
—Dave Coell
Flowserve Corporation

“Great class (30-Hour Complying with OSHA) – very informative. Thank You!”
—Norm Johnsen
Rohm and Haas

"Jon (W. Jon Wallace) did a great job in teaching the class! He was very knowledgeable in what he was teaching (30-Hour Complying with OSHA)."
—Joan Walsh
Rohm and Haas

“I learned a great deal that I will be able to apply…Thanks for a very informative, effective training session (30-Hour Complying with OSHA).”
—Shannyn Talley
Smithfield Packing

“Excellent introduction to overall OSHA standards (30-Hour Complying with OSHA) …Highlighting and explanation of the key areas was extremely beneficial.”
—Douglas R. Arndt
Murphy-Brown, LLC

“I would like to thank you for your training. This class (30-Hour Complying with OSHA) has been really enjoyable and very educational.
—Cirilo Lopez
Mohawk Packing Company

“The best course (10-Hour Complying with OSHA) I’ve ever attended!”
—Gerald Cobb
Gerald Cobb Consulting, Inc.

“Great class (30-Hour Complying with OSHA) and very informative. We came back with a lot of useful info and some great references…”
—Jay Fagel
Charlotte Area Trans

“The instructor (Jon Wallace) was very knowledgeable on subject matter. Kept information at an interesting level.”
—Bruce E. West
GKN Driveline

"I enjoyed the class because I can now intelligently review our current practices and standards. Thank you!"
—Cheryl Benedetto
Transcanada Power

"Mr. Wallace is a good instructor. He incorporated real world examples of safety management. He also brought in physical samples (i.e., electrical cords, plugs, testers) that were relevant and interesting. The course will help me to more effectively manage my safety specialist and oversee the laboratory’s safety program."
—Jeff B.
U.S. Government Employee
[Last name and specific agency withheld at student's request.]

"This was an excellent training class. The information was presented in a manner that was easy to understand and follow. The instructor (Jon Wallace) is extremely knowledgeable and delivered the lesson plans professionally. He is dedicated to the student's learning experience and makes every effort to answer all questions. His drive and enthusiasm are contagious, making the class an enjoyable experience.

One might think that a class where the OSHA laws and rules are the topic would be extremely boring. This class was exactly the opposite. Everyone was interested not only in the material being presented, but seemed to enjoy each other's company."
—Gary C. Brown
Corning, Inc.

"The OSHA class was an excellent opportunity to learn about OSHA regulations and their affects on our industry. I have gained an enormous amount of knowledge from this course and would recommend it to be offered again for individuals that would benefit from this particular training. I would also like to point out that the instructor (Jon Wallace) was exceptional in his training skills and knowledge of the material in addition to knowledge of our industry."
—Errol Dufrene
Shell Chemical Company

"...Everything was smooth and a great experience. I'm very happy that I was given the opportunity to take this course."
—Jason Donovan
Rodel Inc.

"This course was very rewarding! I learned so much from it. What I was most impressed with was the fact of you using the slide presentation to show actual pictures of tools, equipment, and work areas from various audits you performed. This helped me identify with what you were teaching from the standards. Kinda like putting a face with the voice! I also like the fact that you were able to quote the lines, paragraphs and even page numbers of where things were located in the standard—very impressive!

"Thanks for all the effort you put into learning and imparting your knowledge to others."
—Janie Denmon
Texas Instruments, Inc.

"Program [10-Hour Complying with OSHA course] was great!"
—Wayne Sutton
City of Greensboro, NC

“Excellent training [30-Hour Complying with OSHA course]. Made the dry material interesting... Good knowledge of and enthusiasm for material.”
—Brian Couch
Rohm and Haas